Perfect Trends For Small Kitchens

Posted on May 14, 2013

Kitchen Remodeling  Kitchen remodels are not only for the oversized kitchen found in most McMansions.  Any size kitchen can benefit from an updated look.  Bringing high style to a small kitchen can make the space feel just as luxurious as a larger kitchen with well-appointed features would.  The good news is it is more affordable to bring in trendier finishes by using small kitchen designs.

How to Upgrade your Kitchen

Granite has long been the standard of a luxury kitchen, but recently the focus has shifted to a more sustainable material.  Consider installing concrete countertops. It fits nicely with any décor you can imagine. Unlike granite and marble, it is completely customizable.  You can form it into any shape you desire, texturize it, stain it or inlay mosaics or shells.  It is much more affordable than marble or granite. Rather than be priced based on size, the price is based on the how complex the form and finish is.  The stained and polished to a glossy sheen, concrete will rival any polished marble.

Kitchen Appliances

Since Whirlpool® released their new finish, White Ice; there has been some speculation about it replacing the ever-popular Stainless Steel finish in a luxury kitchen.  White appliances have been around for years and often thought of as the low-end choice, this new finish may make people think differently. The White Ice features stainless handles, and a mirrored glass finish. It mimics the white finishes that are so common to Apple’s product line.  Its sleek look updates and modernizes the plain white, which makes it perfect for an ultra-modern kitchen.

Popular Kitchen Features

The kitchen island and pass through are popular features and considered a must have in most kitchens today.  Along with a stylish kitchen island, pendant lights are a requirement. Whether your look is traditional or you prefer the feminine glam look there is a pendant prefect for the space.  Consider pendants with crystals or damask drum shades for a girly look.  A more industrial look will benefit from a heavy stainless pendant.

In addition to adding the features mentioned above to your kitchen, you should also consider buying a new carpet that matches your kitchen appliances. A new carpet can make your entire kitchen look trendier and modern. While choosing the carpet, consider choosing one that does not stain easily.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, our designers are ready to help get you started, no matter your budget or the size of the space.

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Guest post by Fares Elsabbagh of Vancouver General Contractors.  Learn more about VGC on HomeStars

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