Why Walls Are the Backbone of Your Dream Home

Posted on May 7, 2013

house wallsThe walls inside of your home do a great number of things. When you are looking for your dream home it is always important to carefully examine the walls. They play a decorative role in your home but they do so much more. They are also the first and the last defense against energy loss. Wall energy loss occurs in four ways:

Role of Walls in a House

The exfiltration is prevented by your walls. This means that the warm air of the room will not escape during cold months and cool air cannot escape in the summer. The walls prevent hot air from coming inside of home as well as the cool air from escaping. Without walls you could be facing all of the various elements.

Walls also prevent conduction and convection from happening while ensuring that rain, snow, sleet and others do not enter the house. There are many things that a wall can do, as you can see, as well as many types of walls for you to choose from.

While you may not consider this to be a deciding factor in the home that you purchase you should definitely reconsider things. Walls are so important and to ensure that you are not in over your head in electric bills or sitting inside of your home in misery you should examine your choices and choose carefully.

Energy Efficient Walls

Energy efficient walls are one of the most popular types of walls out there. They definitely deserve a little bit of  your attention when you are buying a new home.  Constructing energy efficient walls can be done by many methods:

How to Construct Energy Efficient Walls

Optimum Value Engineering (OVE) method of using energy efficient walls uses wood only where it is essential. This reduces costs as well as saves the environment. This also saves space for proper insulation to take place.

You can use Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) for the exterior walls of the home. These types of walls are more energy efficient than regular walls. They are also very strong and can offer you great protection against many natural hazards like a tornado. Structured Insulated Panels (SIP) and precast concrete walls are another top choice in walls that are energy efficient. These walls are well insulated and cause no harm whatsoever.

For the interior of your home, insulation blankets can be installed. The cellulose insulation, Styrofoam and vapor barriers work together to prevent heat loss during the winters. The air leaks near the doors and windows can easily be sealed by using caulking from inside as well as outside of the home. An air leak is one of the biggest reasons for energy loss. Sealing it is easy and can save about 50% of the utility cost. The R-value of the insulation is also important. The higher the R- value, the better  the insulation capacity. Thus you should opt for a higher R-value. R-20 to R-30 is a suitable value for the walls.

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Originally from Ottawa, Fares Elsabbagh has been around construction his entire life. Fares co-founded VGC , and has more recently decided to spend time focusing on custom home building, and launched VCH. Fares loves Vancouver, and now calls it home.

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